Wednesday, December 2, 2015


November in pictures!  Here goes...

This is Eli's soccer team official photo.  It cracks me up that the photographer had the bottom row hold their hands under their chins like that.  So ridiculous!  :)

The big event of November was going camping with the whole family to our favorite spot in Texas.  It was cloudy and rainy for a good part of the long weekend, but a little rain never stops the Bergstrom fun!  :)  It's hard to see in this picture, but that's Eli and Charlie down there chasing the kickball that had rolled all the way down the hill.  I LOVE the view over the lake, cloudy or not!

The boys did lots of fishing.

This picture makes me laugh, too.  It is nearly impossible to get Hank to be STILL- this was the best that Eli could do!

The favorite activity of the weekend for the boys was kayaking.  Each of them mastered it on their own, and they spent HOURS out on the lake together (with my parents close by).  They kept asking if we wanted to join them, but my answer was always NO!  The thought of sitting in a wet boat in wet clothes in cold weather does NOT appeal to me- but it sure didn't stop the boys!  :)

In action...

Love this place, and love this kid!

More fishing:

I love this picture of the three of them!

It got COLD by the end of the weekend, and our poor dog has very little fur!  Eric put one of Eli's sweatshirts on him- cute, eh?  :)  The picture is so blurry, but it makes me laugh.  Again- impossible to keep Hank STILL!

The sun finally started to peek out toward the end of Saturday.

I love how they're laughing together.

Family picture!

And I LOVE this shot of Eli- it's so HIM.

The boys.

Eli has lost FOUR teeth this month!  (Well, three as of yesterday, but the last one is hanging by a literal thread, so I'm counting it as four.  :) )  This picture was after tooth number two.

Eli's class did a little Thanksgiving play.

My Indian!

Thanksgiving Day:

And that's it for November!  Thanks for reading!  :)