Thursday, February 18, 2016

January 2016, and part of February too

January was pretty low-key for us, which I LOVE about winter!  Here are a few pictures from January and the beginning of February...

Sidekicks indoor soccer game!

Eli got Dallas Stars (hockey) tickets for Christmas.  The jumbo-tron glowing in the background makes it hard to see where they are in the picture below...

Eli LOVED the game!  

Gratuitous Hank picture, just because I think he's cute.  :)

Eli and Eric went ice-skating at the Galleria one night while I had dinner with a friend close-by.  

Kelly and I took the boys to the zoo last week while Eli was out of school for his winter break.  The weather here has been so sunny and warm, which makes for perfect zoo weather!  The boys loved feeding the birds. 

They got inside this "hurricane machine," which simulates winds up to 80 mph.  I love Eli's face in this picture.

Kelly and I used to take the boys to the zoo when they were little and it was always such an ordeal- diaper bags and bottles and snacks and diapers and changes of clothes and strollers...  While I miss the baby days in part, I definitely don't miss the mega-ordeal it was to do an outing like the zoo!  :)  It is so nice to just say, "Get in the car; we're going to the zoo!" and that's that!  :)  LOVE these three boys!

He's getting so big!

We got to feed the giraffes too. 

And all zoo trips must be ended with a ride on the carousel!

Eli lost teeth number 5 and 6 this month!

Eli does Awana at church, and last week he finished his 3rd book!  That's more than 100 Bible passages memorized!  We were so proud of him.  Here he is going up to get his award.

The Sparky Award!

Out of order, but another picture from the zoo...

The end!  :)  We have a camping trip planned for the end of this month, and then spring busy-ness hits in full force.  We've so enjoyed the winter for the slower pace, but we're ready for all the fun that spring has in store too.  Thanks for reading!!