Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016

It CANNOT be May already!  I am in shock!  April FLEW by, apparently so fast that I didn't have time to take many pictures!  :)  But here are a few nonetheless...

Eli has been playing soccer again this spring and doing great.  An interesting side note is that one of the kids on his team (#21 below) was in the Baylor NICU at the same time as Eli was almost 8 years ago!  His mom and I happened to figure that out- what a coincidence, and what a BLESSING it is to watch both of these little boys playing so happily and healthily after having pretty scary beginnings!

Eli and our sweet friend CJ.

Eli has been super into mowing the lawn lately, despite the fact that the mower handle is taller than he is.  :)  But he sticks with it and is a big help to Eric!

Eric, Eli, Phil, Timothy, Charlie, and my dad all went to Beaver's Bend for a boys' camping trip.  They had a blast, and took very few photos.  :)  But I love this one of the three of them.  I'm SO thankful for the friendships these three have with each other and the close relationships they have with their dads/uncles/Pop-Pop.

We got to spend time with our friends the Wilkes celebrating Andy's birthday.

And last week we went to a Rough Riders game, our tradition to kick off Eli's birthday celebration.  It was a beautiful night, and we had a great time.

Eli was very happy to get a ball- clearly.  :)

And now it's MAY!  And my boy is going to be EIGHT!  Yikes!