Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016

And just like that, it's summer!  I can't believe it, but I'm happy about it!  Spring was SO busy- I'm ready for a slower pace and less of a schedule to keep up with.  Here are a few photos from May...

My grandparents came to visit from Maine!  We had a great time with them.

For Eli's birthday, he wanted to go to a hotel for a night, just the three of us.  Eric found this super-cool "urban" hotel, and we loved it!  We swam, went out to dinner, watched a movie and had dessert in bed, slept in, and headed straight to breakfast at our favorite spot- pretty perfect!  :)

The whole hotel was decorated with really modern, "hip" decor.  Eli loved this chair.  

Frozen yogurt for dessert!

And for second dessert...  room service chocolate cake in bed!  

Eli loved playing pool with Eric.  :)

Birthday breakfast at the Fatted Calf.

My 8 year old.

When we got home, we had some of our friends over to play soccer and have cake and ice cream.  They all had a blast!

Cake time!

Our little family.

My dear friend Elizabeth graduated from college this month!  We are so proud of and excited for her!

When we went into our bedroom one evening after Eli was already in bed, we found these little notes on our pillows...  Eli had made us each a little letter with the sweetest words thanking us for what we do for him...  my heart MELTED!

The boys set a trap in the front yard, put some nuts and pretzels in there, and caught a SQUIRREL!  :)  They, of course, let him go, but they were very proud of their catch.  :)

Eli had karate belt testing this month- testing for his gold belt!

It's super fun to watch all the kids "perform."

The yellow belts all lined up.  Before they receive their next belt, they have to do "public speaking."  They say their favorite Bible verse and why they like it, and thank the judges for their attendance.  I was so proud to hear Eli rattle off the verse he chose (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17) with such confidence and calm.  I was way more nervous than he was!  :)

They all "passed" and received their gold belts!

 Newly minted gold belt!

Last day of 2nd grade!  It was "field day," but it got rained out for the second year in a row!

Eli and his beloved teacher, Mrs. Porter.  He received the award for being an excellent reader and the "good friend" award.  

His second grade class- we love his friends and his school!

And now we begin summer!  :)