Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017

I always love January- the "clean slate" feeling is great, as is the slower pace after the holidays.  We thoroughly enjoyed the month!

At the very beginning of the month we actually had a little bit of SNOW!  It was only a dusting and only lasted for a day or two, but the boys were SO HAPPY!  You can barely even see the snow in these pictures, but any snow at all is a treat for Texans.  :)

And then just a few days later it was back up to 70 degrees and Eli is sitting outside eating frozen yogurt.  :)  We stopped by after school to celebrate him winning the 3rd grade Scripps spelling bee!

I took Eli and Timothy ice skating at the Galleria a couple weeks ago.  We went on a Friday morning, and they had the rink almost entirely to themselves.  They had a blast.

This was the best they could do to slow down for a picture.  :)

One of Eli's Christmas presents was a tour of AT&T Stadium, where the Cowboys play.  We really enjoyed this!

It was amazing to finally be inside this famous stadium.

They took us all around every part of the stadium, which was so interesting.  This was in the locker room- Sean Lee is one of our favorite players.

On the star on the 50-yard line!

This was the main point of attraction for Eli- PLAYING FOOTBALL on the Cowboys' field!  He and Eric played for an hour- it was a blast.

Final picture in the end zone before they kicked us off the field.  :)

And that's the end of January!  We're looking forward to February with a little break from school, a weekend camping trip, and more time to enjoy the slower pace of winter.  Love to you all!