Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017

Spring has sprung!  We thoroughly enjoyed our February and are happily moving into March.  A few pics, if you'd like to see...

Eli's school is big into the science fair, much to my chagrin.  Nevertheless, he did a fun project and did super well in his presentation.

And he won second prize!  This qualified him to move on to the next level, but we politely declined.  :) We are NOT science fair people!  :)

Eli's school had winter break this month.  We were able to go camping at the beginning of the week, just the three of us.  It had been a while since we camped without friends or family, and we really, really loved our "just the Wilsons" trip.  Below is Eli "walking Hank" (i.e., Hank walking Eli).

We played baseball as the sun went down.  It was a gorgeous, super warm weekend.

Campfires at night.

Enjoying an ice cream break with a beautiful view.

Rare picture of the two of us!  :)  He was trying hard not to smile- he didn't want to stop and take a picture.  :)

Eli and Eric threw the football for what must have been hours, while I happily sat and watched them.  That's what camping is for, in my opinion- plenty of time to do the things that too often get crowded out of a busy life.  I don't think there is anything healthier than a little boy having a catch with his dad for hours on end.  I loved just watching them.

We sat here and watched the sunset the second night, and we happened to see a TON of bats flying out of the trees across the lake!  It rivaled the "bat bridge" in Austin- a really neat site to see!


Eric gave the boys his old lawnmower to take apart.  They spent quite a while working on this.  I love that they get to do stuff like this.

The cat that lives on our porch/Kelly's porch/my parents' porch (and that we feed and take care of) had babies!  And we got to see!  It was super cool to watch, and for the boys to watch, and we have loved watching Kitty care for her babies and getting to see them grow.  There is one with little white paws that Eli and I are hoping to convince Eric we can have for our own.  :)

I took Eli to the zoo during his break, too.  We had a blast together!  It wasn't crowded at all, and the animals were all out and active. 

His favorite photos at the zoo are always of the metal animal statues.

My sweet boy.

We fed the giraffes but had such a hard time doing it!  :)  They were not super interested in eating that day, I guess.

Eli loves feeding these little birds, too.

And we always end our zoo time with a ride on the carousel!

We're back in the normal routine again this week, and happy that it's springtime.  Thanks for reading!  :)