Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017

Happy summer!!!  We had a busy but great May, and we're super happy to be heading into summer. We have some great trips planned, as well as plenty of time to play games, swim, and relax.  I LOVE summer and am so thankful it's here.  Here are a few pictures from May, if you'd like to see..

These are all out of order for some reason, but here goes anyway...

We celebrated Eli's NINTH birthday (what?!?) with the whole family...

On his actual birthday (May 9), we went out to dinner (burgers! as per Eli's choice) and then came home and gave him gifts and had cupcakes.  

The boys are SO into sports cards right now.  They spend a lot of time in this little card shop talking to the owner about anything and everything having to do with baseball, football, and basketball.  Each purchase they make earns them a ticket, and each week there is a drawing for a winning ticket.  A few weeks ago they actually WON!  They got $50 to spend on anything in the store, and they chose this giant box of rookie football cards.  They were ecstatic!

And here they are dividing them all up.  :)

As one of Eli's birthday gifts, we went to a Rough Riders game together, which we always really enjoy.


Eli is still going strong in karate.  In May he tested to earn his green belt.  He was so proud, and we are so proud of all his hard work.  Karate involves so much discipline, and the program he's in adds a spiritual component as well.  Each semester they study 5-7 books of the Bible (consecutively starting with white belt...  By the time they earn black they have studied them all!) and memorize verses from each book.  We are proud of everything Eli has put into this.  Here he is before the test- as an orange belt.

These are out of order, but Eli won "student of the semester" for his belt rank, which means that he got to cut the cake with the samurai sword with one of his teachers.  :)  When he was given the award, his teacher said that he is "a whole lot of heart in a little package."  We are so proud of our kiddo!

GREEN belt!

Student of the semester!

Back to the baseball game... 

Last day of school awards...  This is the best picture I could get.  :)

This is Eli with his teacher, Mrs. Allen.  We LOVED her- she was a fantastic academic teacher, but she also poured her whole heart into teaching the kids to love and serve the Lord.  We are so thankful that Eli got to spend 3rd grade with her.

And now he's a FOURTH GRADER!

Eli's school rented rooms at the Great Wolf Lodge as a last day of school celebration.  Kelly and the boys came with Eli and me, and we had a great time.

On Memorial Day we swam and ate with our friends the Wilkes, and then we swam and ate with our family after that.  :)

Again, these are super out of order- sorry!  Instead of a birthday party, Eli always asks to go to a hotel, just the three of us.  We LOVE these special little times together.  Strange picture, but here he is checking into the hotel.

We went swimming briefly...  the water was FREEZING!

Eli's one birthday present request was a pocket watch.  :)  He was very excited to open it at the hotel. 

We swam, went out to dinner, went to buy snacks and dessert, and came back and watched basketball and ate snacks in bed- perfect!!

The next day is when we celebrated his birthday with the family.

And that wraps up May!  Happy summer!  Thanks for reading!