Monday, August 14, 2017

The Rest of Summer 2017

These are out of order, but I want to get them posted before summer is over!  After our trip in early June, we enjoyed a few weeks of "normal" summer- slower pace, lots of swimming...  all the good stuff!

CJ and Eli:

We bought a basketball hoop for the pool this summer, and it was been a HIT with the boys!

Eli made his closet into a "reading closet."  Very cute.  :)

The outside:

The inside (complete with fan, light, and about 75 stuffed animals on the floor):

In action:

My friend Elizabeth took Eli and CJ to Urban Air one day.  They had a blast!

Timothy's 9th birthday donuts!  We were happy to celebrate with the whole family (Heather and kids included)!

These are out of order, but here are a few from July 4th:

Watermelon eating, of course!

More basketball:

Wrestling on a giant turtle, naturally:


I take this picture every year- I love it so much.  Summer is the best!!

We spent a day at the wave pool with Elizabeth and CJ.

Eli went to Sidekicks (indoor) soccer camp with CJ and Ethan.

ALL the cousins!  We had such a wonderful week being all together.

Back to soccer camp (sorry these are all mixed up!).

Back to cousins...

At the beginning of August, Eli and I went with my parents to visit my grandparents for a week in Maine.  We had a wonderful time!

At the beach... (and missing Daddy! :) )

This is a place called Lower Falls, a really fun river/rocks/waterfalls place that people come to play.

We went to the wild animal park and so enjoyed it!

A moose!

Eli and my dad and I took a long hike up Pleasant Mountain.

At the first lookout we had a great view.

And at the second we couldn't see a thing because of all the fog!  :)  


We went to Boothbay Harbor one day to catch a boat out to Cabbage Island for a clambake!

On the boat...

Uncovering the lobsters!

Eating the lobsters!  :)

We explored the rocky shore of the island, looking for shells and crabs.

This picture is so dark, but I love it still.  :)

Back in Boothbay and WORN OUT!  :) 

On our last day in Maine we went to a nearby lake to swim for the day.

Saying goodbye is always sad.  :(  We treasured our week together!  

This trip was a super fun way to close out our summer.  We've had such a great mixture of trips and activities and time to just rest and relax...  I hate to see summer go!  We have a couple fun things planned this week, and then next Monday it's back to school.  Thanks for reading!  :)