Friday, November 9, 2018

October 2018

Happy Fall!  Here are a few pictures from the past month...

Eli's school does a "color run" 5k in the fall as a fundraiser.  They had a blast!

I LOVE watching Eric and Eli have a catch in the back yard.

We went to the fair this year with our friends Dawn and Lauren.  Lauren and Eli have been good friends since primer!

They rode a ton of rides- even the big scary ones!  I like how they're looking at each other here, before the ride started.  :)

They played a bunch of games too.

They're on there somewhere!  We adults could barely LOOK AT this spinning ride!  :)

It has been incredibly rainy here in Dallas this fall!  The boys do not let a little rain stop them from playing tackle football, though (and destroying lawns in the process!).

Eli won this little tiger at the fair, and Hank immediately claimed it as his own.  :)  

Our church had its annual "fall festival."  I like how costumes are MUCH easier now than when he was younger.  This year he just grabbed a jersey from his closet!  :)

Our whole family went to Daingerfield for our annual fall trip at the end of this month.  We had a blast!  

When we got there the first night it was POURING.  But, again, who can be stopped by a little rain?  :)  Eli and Cooper played football in the downpour for hours!

LOTS of football in the field...

Duck feeding...

Sunset watching...  (You can't beat fall Texas sunsets!)


The cousins always have so much fun just being together.

More football in the field...

And more sunsets!

For Halloween we made a carnival of our own.  First was the classic eat-a-donut-off-a-string-without-using-your-hands game. :)


Eric won the men's competition.  :)

Next, we sent them into the woods to trick-or-treat from Eric, Phil, and my dad, who were very well hidden and ready to scare them. :)

Next up was the pie eating contest.

And finally, pumpkin carving! 

So many beautiful sunrises, too!

 Campfire stories and games...


Creature catching...  (The caterpillar was kind enough to color-coordinate with Eli's shirt.)

A dog in a sweatshirt...

Unbelievable sunsets!

Our little family...

And our big family!

And that caps off October (and the first few days of November, too).  We're so thankful for the memories we made this past month and are looking forward to what November has in store.  Love to you all!