Thursday, March 7, 2019

February 2019

Happy almost spring!  :)  Here are some pictures from February...

February was busy with basketball.  Eli LOVED playing, and we loved watching him!  He played on a team with boys from his school, as part of a rec league in Terrell.  It was a great experience for him.  

Eli is taking guitar lessons at his school, and it's really fun to hear him play.  He's working on "Amazing Grace" right now.

This is blurry, but for Valentine's Day (at like 9pm after we got home from his game!), we gave him a Dude Perfect bow and arrow set.  He was super surprised and happy.  He LOVES Dude Perfect!

This is a bad picture, but here it is in use.  :)

This is his basketball team.  It was fun for these boys to play together in this league (even though they got stomped every week! :) ) because it was good practice for when they play together in junior high and high school at Poetry.  This is a fun group of kids, and we're thankful for their friendship to Eli.

We've had some really pretty spring weather this month (mixed in with some COLD weather too!), and we all love being outside to enjoy it.

 (That's my dad pitching to Eli.)

I woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap to find this little vase of flowers that Eli had picked for me sitting on my dresser.  :)

They may be growing up, but they still like to play war in the woods.  :)  I LOVE that these 4 cousins can grow up together!

Eli had his winter break last week, and I was able to adjust my work schedule to work from home some and take some extra time off so that we had the week together.  We had lunch with friends, saw a movie he had been dying to see, and went ice skating with Timothy and Charlie at the Galleria.  It was a great week off!


Last game of the season...  see little Eli out there?  :) 

We finished up winter break with a trip down to the Galveston/Houston area for the weekend, and we had a BLAST!  But that's technically March, so I'll save the pictures for next month.  :)