Thursday, February 20, 2020

January 2020 (a bit late)

This is a pretty boring post, but I realized I forgot to post anything from January!  It was a pretty calm month, which I always love about January.  

This is the tortoise that Eli got for Christmas...  she is ALWAYS trying to escape!  After we witnessed this particular attempt, we bought a container for her with much taller sides.  :)

Eli and Timothy are always devising new, fun games to play outside.  This was some variation on a frisbee golf obstacle course.  

The kids all went to breakfast with Mom-Mom...

We had some super cold days in January, which was the perfect occasion for Hank to wear his sweater.  :)

There is LOTS of frisbee golf going on these days!

Another self-devised project for the boys- cleaning out the creek behind our house.  :)

There has been lots of Star Wars play going on as well.

More frisbee golf...  This was right before Eric got a HOLE IN ONE!

The boys all got Nerf guns that shoot these little "yellow balls," so playing "yellow ball guns" has been a popular activity lately as well.

And that rounds out January; I told you it was boring!  :)  Honestly, though, I love these "boring" sorts of days.  I love watching the boys use their imaginations and entertain themselves in creative ways.  January's slow schedule is perfect for that.

February's post will be much more exciting, because we went to MAINE to visit my grandparents!

Much love!