Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Eli graduated! On Monday when I got to the hospital the nurses were getting him all ready to move to a new nursery- one that is part of the "Feeders and Growers" wing. This is a big step in the right direction! The nursery is less of critical care and more of just teaching the babies how to eat and fattening them up a little so they can go home. We are so happy that Eli is doing well enough to be in this new place!

He's doing great. Every day they increase the amount of milk he eats, and he's growing really well and gaining weight. There haven't been any problems this week at all, and we are so proud of his progress. We love holding him and cuddling him and interacting with him every day. He's fiesty and strong, but really sweet too. We love him like crazy, and are praying so much that we can bring him home SOON. The nurses and doctors never say a date except my due date (June 25), because they don't want to get our hopes up with an earlier date. But we are begging the Lord that he can come home sooner- maybe by Eric's birthday (June 7) or Father's Day???

THANK YOU for your many prayers on our behalf. The Lord is answering, and we are so, so thankful. Keep praying that Eli tolerates his feedings well, that he is protected from infection and other complications with prematurity, and that he learns how to eat quickly and easily so that we can bring him home soon. Pray also for strength for Eric and me. Thank you so much.