Saturday, May 24, 2008

So Much Progress

Eli is doing so well, and we couldn't be happier! Today he officially reached "full feeds," which means that he is getting all his nutrition from breast milk and no longer needs the supplementary IV nutrition he's been getting. He eats 1 ounce every 3 hours, and that's about all his little tummy can take right now! :)

Tonight they will take out his IV, which makes me so happy- the only tube left will be his feeding tube! He has continued to gain weight- he's up to 3 pounds, 9 ounces.

Today he also tried "nipple feeding" for the very first time. The suck-swallow-breath coordination is developed in premature infants, so they gradually teach it to them using a bottle. I got to give Eli his very first bottle today! He did really well- he has the breathing and swallowing components down, which is rare for babies. Usually they have trouble breathing and keeping their oxygen levels up during feeding, but Eli had no trouble. It was the sucking part that he had a little trouble with. :) He couldn't stay awake, so he didn't eat very much from his bottle. But for a first attempt, it was a big success! Tomorrow he'll get another bottle, and I'll be there to give it to him! All other feedings are done through the feeding tube, as well as whatever they don't take from the bottle.

We held him all afternoon- we love him so much! He slept for me the whole time, but he opened his eyes for Eric, as usual. He loves to listen to and watch his Daddy, which is so sweet.

THANK YOU for your prayers! Please keep praying that he is a quick learner when it comes to feeding- he needs to get all his feeds without the feeding tube before he's allowed to come home. Pray also for protection from infection, illness, etc. and that Eric and I will have strength, endurance, and peace. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!