Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life with a Newborn

I kind of expected that since Eli was in the NICU for six weeks we'd skip over the "newborn" stage here at home. But apparently since he wasn't even supposed to be born until tomorrow, we get to experience all the normal newborn stuff- i.e., the sleepness nights. :) But it is a JOY to be rocking my son at 2am in his nursery here at home, even if it does mean little sleep.

Eli is doing great. He's still on oxygen, but at such a small percentage that we think he'll be off of it completely soon. We're much looking forward to this, as it is annoying to have him hooked to big heavy equipment all the time! He has this oxygen bottle that is about 4 feet tall and must weigh 80 pounds. :)

Eli's parents are tired, but we're doing okay too. We're adjusting to the no sleep thing and trying to just enjoy this phase of life. Eric is a wonderful father, and it is so fun to watch him interact with and care for our son. We're just so thankful for the miracle of his life and to the Lord who sustains us with His lovingkindness.


Hi-d-Ho said...

That is awesome! Praying he needs no more oxygen soon. You look so happy! What a blessing to watch God work ;)