Monday, June 2, 2008

New Clothes

Yesterday Eli got to wear his very first outfit! He's been in just a diaper inside his isolette (fancy incubator) for weeks, but yesterday they moved him out of the isolette and into an open crib. This means that he has learned to regulate his own temperature, which is such a praise! Now that he's in an open crib we get to put him in clothes, which is so cute. His first little preemie onesie, though it looked so tiny, was huge on him. :)

Eli continues to do well with feeding. He's getting better and better at his one bottle a day- soon they'll move him up to two bottles a day. He does really well with the suck/swallow thing, but breathing still isn't perfected. He has been back on a nasal canula to give him a little oxygen for the past few days. Though this seems like a step back, I am glad that he has less trouble breathing now that he has a little extra oxygen. The nurses all assure us that this is just the way premature lungs are- that he'll soon mature enough to breath without any extra oxygen.

Please continue to pray for our little son! Pray that his lungs mature so that he can breathe easily on his own, that he continues to learn how to eat, that he can continue to gain weight (he's up to 4 pounds now!), and that he can come home SOON! Thank you so much, and love to all of you!