Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This One's for You, Grandma and Grandpa Wilson

I have never posted a video before. I am not a big video fan, actually. This dates back to my childhood when, at certain large gatherings of friends and family, some happy parent would pull out his beloved video camera. And follow every one around. And ask for comments. Something witty, perhaps. Some new talent that you'd like to share on camera.

All of this left me staring blankly into the camera lens, getting all red in the face, saying stupid things like "Hi, Mom," and having it all documented on stacks and stacks of video tapes from family/friend holiday gatherings over the years.

All that to say that I typically shy away from taking videos of Eli. But, alas, the boy is just too cute not to video tape! So I try to capture a few moments here and there of him doing his favorite things- talking loudly, rolling over, and, of course, jumping in his jumparoo. So, without further pause, I present to you this video of Eli's jumping skills.

And here I must insert a few comments about things that you should ignore in this video:

1. Ignore the fact that he is jumping in the bathroom doorway. This handy little jumper is the way that I get my shower every morning. Baby happy, mommy clean!

2. Ignore the fact that Eli is wearing a hat in the house. I am not a cold-weather fan, and I take all precautions to make sure that Eli rarely has to experience coldness, even inside. :)

3. Ignore the fact that Eli is wearing pajamas tucked into slippers. Again, the cold-weather thing. And due to the fact that we have to be somewhere later today, I am waiting as long as possible to actually put cute clothes on him, thus saving myself the time it would take to change him again before we leave.

4. Ignore the silly, high-pitched voice of the person behind the camera. Apparently (according to my sisters), I talk fairly silly-ly to babies. There have been worse parenting mistakes.

5. Ignore the fact that this is an incredibly boring video if you are not, in fact, a grandparent or parent of Eli. Good thing most of my readers fall into this category. :)

6. Ignore the fact that Eli is wearing (how do I say this?) Longhorn slippers. I can feel the icey stares of my fellow Aggies now. These slippers are actually a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, who heckle me endlessly (lovingly, of course) about why I chose A&M over UT, who buy presents such as these lovely slippers for my son in an effort to sway him to the dark side (impossible). These slippers are also the warmest ones we have around here, and I can't let them go to waste. And I wanted you guys (Larry and Cheryl) to see how cute he looks in them, even if they do have the wrong school's logo on them. :) And, I must say, with the way that A&M has been playing lately, Eli might be a little more comfortable in Longhorn slippers! :)

We're off to get Eli's monthly RSV shot and then to the GI doctor. I'm nervous about what she's going to say. Pray for us!

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