Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Need Some Mommy Advice

Question: How do you teach your kid not to throw a fit on the changing table?

Eli has developed this delightful little habit of going insane every time I lay him down on the changing table. Nothing I do/say makes him stay still long enough to change his diaper. What do I do? One of these days he's going to throw himself right off and get really hurt, that or I'll totally lose my temper with him- neither of which will be pretty.

Any advice? I'll try anything! :)


Lindsay said...

Carli does this sometimes. I will change her on the floor if she is really wiggly to keep her from falling off. Other than that, I have to be persistent and put her back and tell her I must change her diaper. Sometimes she cries or whines, but she gives in and I complete the task. I tell her we are all done and then she is happy and goes to play again.

But remember that sometimes they do this because of a diaper rash that hurts when you touch it. When that is the case, I blow on the area as I put on the diaper rash cream. I can tell that really helps it to feel better because she smiles and lays still for me.

All in all, I think this is something all kids this age do because of their newfound independence. Now that they can walk anywhere they want, they don't want to stop for anything.