Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look Who's Walking

Well, actually, read about who's walking, because I don't have a picture or a video or any sort of visual proof to substantiate my claim that...

Eli is walking!

He's been taking a few independent steps here and there for a month now, and has been walking holding onto our fingers for the past week, but today he walked 16 consecutive steps all by himself, right into my waiting arms. Eric and I were both there to see it, and we were both so proud of our little boy!

Since those inaugural steps, all he wants to do is walk, walk, and walk some more. Needless to say, he's had a few falls today, complete with several hard knocks on the head. He's tough stuff, though, and keeps right on going.

I'm so proud of my baby!


Tricia F said...

That's a very fun Father's Day present--that you both were there with him! :) Yay!