Monday, October 12, 2009

17 Months and 3 Days

Dear Eli,

I know I tell you a thousand times a day, but I love you! I love you to the moon and back again. I used to write you a "letter" every month during your first year, and, though I don't think I'll keep doing it every month, I at least want to do it every so often, since this blog is my way of documenting your childhood. So here it is, your "17 months and 3 days letter."

You are amazing, kiddo. You have an incredible amount of personality packed into the cutest little body. I always think of that line from Seabiscuit when I think of you... "Though he be small, he is mighty!" That's you, Eli! Small but mighty, for sure.

You are high-energy all of the time. You love to run, climb, push things around, and be outside. You love the red wagon, your stroller, and the playground. You adore wrestling with your Daddy and being chased by anyone with enough energy to run after you. You love to be scared- Daddy often hides from you and jumps out to scare you. You laugh hysterically and want to do it again and again.

You are very "organized." You remember where everything goes and the pattern for doing everything. You've seen me put my cell phone in my purse a hundred times, and so you assume that your toy phone goes in there as well. I'll put that toy phone in the toybox a hundred times, only to find that you've put it back in my purse again and again, because that's where it goes! :) You play with something and then wave "bye-bye," signalling that you're done playing with that toy and it's time to put it away. You wake up in the morning and go and point at every window in the house so that we can open the blinds. You love our daily routine, and I love that you love routine, because I love routine too!

You are very affectionate with the people you love. When you see your cousins, you run to give them a hug. You won't go to sleep at night without kissing me goodnight. You love to ride on Daddy's shoulders and tug on his hair. You're still very wary of strangers, but once someone wins your heart, you are elated to see them again and again. You love to be with your cousins and your grandparents and, of course, with Daddy and me. Our favorite thing to do is to lie in bed together, all 3of us, tickling you and letting you climb all over the place, all of us laughing and sublimely happy.

You are strong-willed, for sure. Once you set your mind on something, there is no distracting you. I forsee battles of the will ahead, but I also forsee you being someone who sticks to your convictions like glue, unwavering in what you believe. We pray daily that the Lord channels your strong will into solid, passionate faith and service in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You crack us up. You love this silly little song that I sing to you about a little green frog. You walk around the house "singing" it all day, making the frog's sound and shaking your head back and forth in an imitation of the way I always sing the song to you. It is adorable. We love to listen to you "talking" in your crib to all your animals. You do and say the funniest things.

You are so very smart. You know everything that we are saying. I can't wait to see how smart you'll be as you grow up.

We love you, kid! You are the joy of our lives, an absolute treasure to Daddy and me. We love our little family. You complete us! I could not possibly be more thankful and humbled that God chose me to be your mom. It is the greatest blessing in the world.

All my heart,