Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Eli said his first word, "mama," at about 8.5 months old. "Daddy" followed shortly thereafter. I was so excited to start hearing all the other things that he was going to start saying. But then Eli just decided that he didn't want to talk at all. He learned his own language of grunting, growling, pointing, shaking his head "no," and using signs that he made up for "more," "eat," "please," "bye-bye," and "don't touch." I'd hear "mama" or "daddy" occasionally, but no other words. He's almost 18 months old now, but no words! I was getting frustrated, but I haven't been worried because he understands everything. He is incredibly observant and follows instructions to a tee. He just made a choice not to speak, which is so like Eli. He wants everything on his own terms.

I'd hear him sometimes standing at the glass door to the back porch saying "dog, dog, dog" to our pets, but he would only say it when he thought I wasn't paying attention. He'd whisper "kitty" whenever we would see a cat, but, again, only when he thought I wasn't listening. He'd flip through his books by himself and say the words for "duck," "keys," and several others, but only if he was alone. I'd try all day and night to get him to repeat words, but he'd just stare at me. He was going to speak on his own terms.

And I guess his terms have been met, because all of the sudden, in the past several weeks, he has been picking up new words all over the place! I LOVE hearing his little voice now! He has about 20 consistent words now, and every day he seems to learn another. He's a pro at animal sounds, too. :)

This was a good lesson for me in not stressing about the "milestones" that get pushed so often by pediatricians, etc. My child will do things in his own time, and he doesn't need forceful pushing by me. My job is to nurture and love him and allow him to learn and grow in his own way and in his own time, without comparing him to anyone else. And besides, now that he is learning to talk, there will probably be moments in the future when I wish he was as silent as he used to be. :)


Amber R said...

Erica, Eli has an AWESOME mommy! God has chosen to richly bless him through a mother who is patient, understanding, and a true student of her son. You are a tremendous inspiration to me :)