Monday, May 10, 2010

Eli's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Eli's birthday on Saturday, May 8 with a party in our backyard. All of our family- both my side and Eric's- were able to make it, as well as a few close friends. The kids had a blast playing together, and the adults enjoyed talking and eating and being outside in the gorgeous weather.

Eli has been sick for the past few days, and I felt badly that he wasn't "in his prime" for the party, but he did pretty well. He got a bunch of really nice gifts, his favorite of which include a tricyle, a sandbox, and a little table and chairs. He rides his tricycle around everywhere- the kid is obsessed with bikes!

I made a cake that looked like a lion for Eli. He loves all animals, and lions are his favorite. He was excited to see it and roared right on cue. :)

It was a great afternoon celebrating our sweet birthday boy. His birthdays are emotional for me, because I can't ever forget how far he has come. I remember so clearly the first time I held him- he was hooked up to a ventilator and all kinds of tubes and wires. He was the tiniest baby I'd ever seen, so fragile and sick, and we honestly didn't know if he'd make it or not. And yet here he is now- a healthy, vibrant, energetic two-year-old. He is our miracle! We are endlessly grateful to the Lord for the way He has cared for Eli.

On Sunday morning I went in to kiss him at 5:04am, the time he was born. We gave him a little present on Sunday morning, just so he'd have something to open on his real birthday, and we ended our family day with a little cupcake with two candles. (Sorry the picture is so blurry! I dropped our camera the other day and it hasn't been the same since! Time for a new one, I guess!)

I loved that his birthday fell on Mother's Day this year, too. Eli is the greatest Mother's Day present ever! Eric surprised me with having my engagement ring re-set, and it's gorgeous! I also got flowers, a super-sweet note, a massage, and a looooong Sunday afternoon nap. It was a perfect day. :)

And now I have a two-year-old! Let the fun begin! :)