Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Mend?

Eli has been sick for a full week now. Whatever this virus was that spread its way through the church nursery, it kicked Eli's tail! It was a nasty one. But I'm pleased to say that he slept through the night without too much coughing for the first time in a week! He's still asleep, actually!

I'm hoping that he wakes up cheerful and hungry- two qualities that have been missing in him since last Tuesday! The poor guy has lost a whole pound, and he's been so clingy and sad and whiny. I miss the real Eli!

In other news, he's talking so much now. He's putting words together all the time now, which is fun to hear. I kind of thought he'd never talk, but he's making some progress, slowly but surely. :) Here are a few phrases I hear about 4,000 times a day (He's nothing if not incredibly persistent!):

-"Beast out!" (meaning, "Please let our 100-pound ball of energy puppy out of her pen so that she can knock me down and lick my face until I drown in dog slobber.")
-"Bike please!" (meaning, "Take me for my 5th bike ride of the day, because I never, ever, ever tire of riding in the seat on the back of your bike while you huff and puff your way up and down the hills of the surrounding neighborhoods."
-"MomMom's house!" (meaning, "I want to visit MomMom and PopPop because they always give me candy and let me do whatever I want. That's what grandparents are for, right?")
-"Where's Daddy?" (meaning, "Daddy should be home at all times! What's up with this job thing that he goes to every day?")
-"DeeDee please!" (meaning, "I need my blanket so that I can cuddle up in your lap with it and remind you that I'm the absolute sweetest, snuggliest little boy in the whole world.")


Tricia F said...

Sweet post! Glad he's feeling better.