Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Eric kicked off his birthday weekend with a 62-mile bike race in 102-degree heat with his good friend Nick. I'd rather get a pedicure and drink a mojito, but it wasn't my birthday. :)

After he got home, we got to have a little "getaway" that I surprised him with! We left Eli in the expert, spoil-him-rotten care of my parents, and we had 24 hours all to ourselves! We saw a movie, ate dinner at Blue Mesa, crashed for the night at the Hyatt near Northpark, and ate cheesecake in bed. :) We also slept for 10 straight hours- I think the first time we've done that since before Eli was born! We reluctantly checked out the next morning and went to brunch at the Pancake House- our favorite breakfast place. Then we got to browse around Richardson Bike Mart for a while without a toddler knocking over all the bikes, which is certainly a treat! :)

Eli had a fantastic time with my parents, which I'm so thankful for, and we had a much-needed time to just rest and be together. It was perfect!

Today is Eric's actual birthday, and tonight he got a feast of fish cakes, roasted asparagus, and sweet potato fries. And I made him an Italian cream cake for dessert- the one time a year I make this time-consuming cake. :) He is so worth it, though!

Happy, happy birthday to the greatest man I know- my husband!