Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Eli's Daddy

Dear Eric,

I always wanted to marry a man who would be a fantastic father. I eagerly anticipated the day when I could watch my husband play with my child. I imagined what a "family hug" would feel like, two big people and one little person, all wrapped up, so many words communicated in one big embrace.

And now? Now I look out the kitchen window as I clean up after dinner, and I see you pushing our son in a swing on the swingset you built for his first birthday. Now I get to watch as you teach him how to throw a frisbee, and I get to witness his excitement and yours when he "rips it" just as you taught him. Now I get to hear about your Thursdays together, about trips to Home Depot and the motorcycle store, about bike rides and toy rocket launches. Now I get to listen as our son laughs uncontrollably as you tickle him and wrestle with him. Now I get to see the giddiness with which he runs as he looks for you during one of your many games of hide-and-seek. Now I get to see how delighted our toddler is when you let him hold the fishing pole, let him "drive" your truck, let him "shave" when you shave- do you know how much he wants to be just like you? Now I get to hear you read him books and tell him stories, listen as you teach him about things big and small. Now I get to witness the sheer joy on our boy's face when he hears you open the door, when he sees your truck pull in the driveway- "Daddy home!" Now I get to listen to your prayers for his heart, for his salvation, for his character, hearing how you value the eternal in your son far more than anything temporal. Now I get to look on, watching you hold him, kiss his cheeks, stroke his hair in gestures of such deep, selfless love that literally take my breath away at times.


Now we have everything. Everything. We have each other. A family. You and me and our precious miracle of a son. You are building a relationship with Eli that will last for a lifetime. Your time, your love, your selflessness, your guidance, your example, your discipline, your words, your hugs, your relationship with the Lord- all of these are the tools that are shaping him into the man he will become.

And I hope and pray with all my heart that our son turns into a man who is just like his father.

I love our "now." And I love you.

Happy Father's Day (a couple days early),