Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jesus' House

I am so excited to see in Eli lately a real love for Jesus! I think I give him too little credit for how much he understands, just because his vocabulary isn't big enough to accomodate what he knows. :)

On Sunday in his children's church class they made a project that showed the kids' houses on one side and "Jesus' House" on the other side (cotton balls glued on a cloud). Since then, Eli has been saying so often, "Eli want to go to Jesus' house!" "Jesus come Eli's house!" It melts my heart! We've been talking about the fact that we can't see Jesus right now, but He can be with us always when He lives in our hearts.

Last night I was reading him a book about Easter, and Eli asked again when Jesus would come to our house. I told him that we can't see Jesus now, but we can talk to Him any time we want to, to tell Him when we're sad or happy or need help. Eli picked up the book, looked right at Jesus's picture, and said to it, "Jesus, come to Eli's house! I need help!" :)

He also said that he wants Jesus to live in his heart just like He lives in Mommy's heart and Daddy's heart, and those words brought tears to my eyes. I realize that he doesn't yet have a grasp on what "salvation" is, or what heaven or hell are, or even what "sin" is. But I love that my little boy loves Jesus, because that's a pretty great place to start.

My sweet Eli, may you always, always love Jesus with the simple purity you have now.