Sunday, April 3, 2011


Friday was a big, exciting day for Eli. First, Eli and I got to go have breakfast at our favorite spot with our dear friend Susie. She (and her husband and kids!) were such big influences on us as we were growing up, and I'm so thankful for her continued impact in my life and now in Eli's as well! After breakfast we rode the trolley all around the Uptown area of Dallas, which we've never done before. Eli loved it- it was a "little train" to him, and he was so excited.

Then, after his nap, we went to visit another dear couple from our church who have been so important in our lives for so many years now. The Yarbroughs have a little farm out east of here, and they invited Eli to come and ride around on their tractor, as his potty-training present. I don't think Eli has been more excited about anything in his life!

Riding the tractor with Mr. Bob.... (Notice that Mr. Bob's hands are not even on the wheel- he let Eli drive all around the farm!)

The Yarbroughs' neighbors breed race horses, so we got to go over and see a 2-week old baby horse, up close and personal!

After chasing the goats all around in an attempt to pet them, Eli rode the four-wheeler all around with Mr. Bob, another first for him.

And after dinner we fished in the pond. Eli caught a couple baby catfish, which was good enough for him! :)

We are so very thankful for the Yarbroughs and their impact in our lives. We had such a fun evening with them, and I don't think Eli will ever forget his first tractor ride!