Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Eli is an earnest pray-er. He remembers when we mention someone who is sick or sad or needs help, and he'll pray for them at night and at random times throughout the day. It's precious and heart-melting.

And at times it's comical. :)

Last night was a prime example. My parents (Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom to Eli) and my neice Jacey (whom Eli absolutely adores) left today on a trip to Maine. We've been talking about it for a while, especially since the three of us are going to Maine in a few weeks, too. So last night Eli prayed, "Dear God, Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom be safe on airplane, and dear God, no lobster bite Jacey. Amen."

The best part was that his prayer was so heart-felt, motivated by his deep concern and care for Jacey. Eric and I smiled at each other over his head and saved our laughter for later. Oh, how we love this kid!