Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and That

- Eli loves to swim. We spend a good chunk of most days in the water. He loves goggles too. He is particularly fond of this pair, which he calls his "nose goggles." He carries them everywhere and puts them on in the house and pretends to swim across the floor on his belly.

-My grandparents came to Texas from Pennsylvania this week, and we so enjoyed spending time with them! They are truly two of the most godly people I know, and we just soak up every second we get to spend with them!

-A couple random facts: There is a small cardboard jewelry box with five dead cicadas in it sitting on my coffee table. There is a rubber snake named Pete that comes with us on most outings. I love little boys.

-The cousins minus Charlie. Cooper and Jacey refused to smile, but Timothy and Eli look happy enough! :) They love each other so much, and we all pray that their good relationships continue for the rest of their lives!

-Eric revels in any sort of building/construction project, and Eli does too. Here they are at work on a new set of cabinets they're building...

-And finally, something that made me laugh today... Eli has a dog pillow pet, and his cousin Jacey has a unicorn pillow pet. Eli has no idea what a unicorn is, but I guess he played with Jacey's pillow pet while he was with her today. Tonight he said, "Jacey have a pillow pet like me! A CORN pillow pet!" I laughed and then said, "U-ni-corn." He looked at me blankly for a second, trying to register what I was saying. Then he giggled, pointed at me, and said, "No, YOU a corn!" :)