Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"My Yeg Hurts"

This is what Eli says to describe his most recent injury. :) He was with Heather on Tuesday at an indoor playground. He jumped from a tall play structure to the ground, and he hurt his foot when he landed.

He wouldn't walk on it and was really in pain, so I left work early and took him to our family doctor for an x-ray. Fortunately, nothing is broken, but he does have some soft tissue/cartilage injury. His foot is pretty swollen, and he won't bear weight on it at all. And every so often he'll just burst into tears and say, "My yeg hurts!" It breaks my heart!

I'm so thankful that he's not seriously injured, and it was nice to just sit on the floor and play games with him today, honestly! I'm surprised we've made it this long without a serious injury, with the kind of climbing and jumping that Eli does!

I'm hoping that tomorrow he'll be able to walk on it a little more, at least. He told me today while gazing forlornly at his basketball hoop, "When my foot feels all better, I'll run fast and play." :)