Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Again

We returned last night from a week's vacation in Maine! We had a wonderful time with my grandparents, enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery, the beach, the lakes, the mountains, etc. It was hard to come back to 105-degree Texas!

But, as always, coming home feels really nice. And I don't know that Eli could have endured one more day of fun- he was absolutely exhausted! :) He fell asleep about thirty minutes before we landed in Dallas, and he didn't wake up at all as we got off the plane, got our luggage, got into the car, drove home, and came into the house. He roused a little when Eric sat him down on his bed. We came back in a second later to get him for a bath, and he was face down on the bed, sound asleep. I've never seen him more tired! :)

He had such a good time- we all did! My dad asked us tonight what were the "high points" of the trip, and our honest answer was, "All of it!" A few things we enjoyed most, though, were...

-stopping in Boston en route to Maine, enjoying seafood and cold beer on the water at the Barking Crab.

-walking out on the sandbar at low tide at the beach, finding tiny little crabs and seashells in the clear, cold water.

-riding a big boat out to a picturesque island for a clam bake.

-enjoying coffee and a giant cinnamon roll in a coffee shop in the cutest little harbor town you can imagine.

-laughing over dominos and dessert with my grandparents late in the night.

-getting up early to run in the 50-degree weather on quiet, wooded roads.

-witnessing Eli's absolute delight in seeing a moose for the first time (at a wildlife preserve)!

-watching my grandparents with Eli and seeing his love for them.

-pork roll and eggs for breakfast!

-zooming across Moose Pond in Grandpop's boat under clear blue skies.

-hiking up Pleasant Mountain with Eric and Eli, hearing Eli's laughter echoing down the mountain.

See what I mean? The whole trip was a "high!" :)

I'll post some pictures soon.

We are so thankful to have had another wonderful summer vacation in Maine!