Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Begins

We so enjoyed a calmer pace this summer! And I think we're finally ready for the start of fall and all the activities that it entails.

Last week Eli started back at his preschool (two days a week). He is so excited to be in the "4 year olds class," and he has done just great so far. We love the program and the teachers; we're so thankful that Eli gets to be a part of it.

Last weekend Eric and Phil planted a big fall garden. Eli and Timothy enjoyed helping out, too. :)

These last pictures have nothing to do with fall, but they make me smile and are so indicative of "Eli right now." He loves playing "policeman" and "fireman," and his latest game is sort of a combo of the two. Here he is on his firetruck (which doubles as a police car), with his fire hat on, with his beloved toy gun from Grandpop bungee-corded to the back. (He calls the bungee cord his lasso.) This game, or some version of it, keeps Eli and Timothy busy for hours. I love it!