Monday, September 10, 2012


Eli has been asking Eric for a while now to take the training wheels off his bike. We thought he was still too young to even attempt it! But this week he ramped up his requests and insisted he was ready, so on Saturday afternoon Eric took the training wheels off! And...

Eli rode like he's been doing it all his life! Eric helped him a bit at first, but Eli did it totally on his own after that. He practiced for hours that afternoon getting on his bike, getting going, riding, and then stopping on his own. He didn't want any help, and he totally mastered bike riding! He's an old pro now. :) We're super proud of him!

On Saturday morning Kelly and I and our sweet friend Jessica did a super fun 5k called "Color Me Rad." We went from very clean to very dirty very quickly! :) It was a blast.



It was a great Saturday!