Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Fun

On Thursday night we took Eli to the State Fair of Texas along with Phil and Kelly and Timothy. We all had a blast, particularly the boys, who got to ride rides, eat junk food, and see animals- a paradise for kids! :)

Eli on the ferris wheel:

Eli and Timothy on the car ride:

And on the airplane ride: (I love what Timothy is doing here. :) )

Eli HAD to have cotton candy and only told us that about 724 times. :)

On Friday Elizabeth and I took Eli and C.J. to the Gentle Zoo. We LOVE that place! The boys were in heaven with the bounce house, giant sand box, animals to pet and feed, tractor/train ride, and giant corn cannons! They even had a gorgeous pumpkin patch set up, which didn't seem fitting in the 87 degree weather! :) But nonetheless, we took the obligatory fall pumpkin patch pictures, even though we were sweating in our shorts and t-shirts. :)

Eli and C.J. on the train/tractor ride:

Eli with the corn cannon: (What little boy would not be thrilled to shoot a 'real' gun as big as this one?)

Sweet boys in the pumpkin patch (though C.J. does not look thrilled about it here):

This picture is a little blurry, but I still like it. He looks so BIG to me in this picture! Look back at past October posts to see our other pumpkin patch pictures. He's grown up so fast- I can't believe it.

The boys with the giant hay bale pumpkin, along with the little pumpkins they picked out to take home:

Eli and the bunnies: (He has asked about a million times since then if we can get a bunny, and he says he wants to name it 'Carol,' I guess after our beloved friend and speech teacher, Mrs. Carol?! :) He LOVES animals.)

Both of these activities were great way to kick off October. It's flying by already!