Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day-to-Day, October 8

This isn't really a "day-to-day" post, but with our new school and work schedule, I don't really take many pictures on "normal days!"  I need to get back to doing that.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from the Texas State Fair and from our camping trip last weekend...

RIDES!!!  This is what the boys (Eli, Timothy, and Charlie) were most excited about. 

Eli's face here is so funny.

More rides...

Of course, Eli wanted to play the game where he could win a stuffed animal.  He LITERALLY has about 50 on his bed already- he is a hoarder of stuffed animals!

He won a ball, too.

We took a food break and then scrounged up the last of our tickets and let the kids ride one more ride.  We all had a blast at the fair!

Last weekend we went camping at Lake Ray Roberts.  On Friday afternoon it was 90 degrees, so Eli played in the water and sand...

And then a cool front blew in early on Saturday morning and it was suddenly 55 degrees- Texas!  :)

Building a fire:

My favorite people.

No camping trip is complete without fishing!  

And this is just a random photo, but it's so cute...  Timothy and Eli were playing outside last week and called me out because they had a surprise for me.  They made me close my eyes, and when I opened them, I saw this:

It's a flower garden.  :)  They built up a border and then "planted" flowers they had picked from the side yard, and they watered them REALLY well, too.  It was so cute and made me so happy.  They were baffled the next day, though, that the flowers they planted were dying and not thriving.  :)

Have a great week!