Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day-to-Day (sort of), October 23

Some pictures from lately...

A couple weekends ago Eric and I took Eli and Jacey and Cooper to a place called Yesterland Farms in Canton, along with Kelly and Phil and their boys.  The kids had a BLAST at the "fall festival," despite the fact that it was 90 degrees and 80% humidity!  :)

The tractor "train:"

So many blurry ride pictures!  There were lots of fun little rides, all of which were ridden repetitively by our kiddos!  

Tractor ride:

Obligatory fall pumpkin picture (hot and hungry):

Post face-painting (batman and a tiger):

I love this one.

More rides.  (Spinning around in circles on rides after eating frito pie and pizza for lunch is something only kids can do!)

All the kids in the corn maze:

Eli's school has chapel once a week.  This week it was the primer class' turn to lead chapel, and they chose to act out the story of the Good Samaritan and sing some songs.  It was adorable.  Here they are waiting for everyone to come.  (Eli is down on the far end.)

Eli's part was to be one of the robbers who beat up the man (girl, in this case) and stole his money.  We are so proud!  :)

The other two girl who were robbers with him blanked on what they were supposed to do, so here is Eli pointing out where they are supposed to go next.  :)   

Lined up and ready to sing.

This song was "Keep Your Tongue From Evil," so they're holding onto their tongues.  

Last but not least, here he is in his "cowboy costume" before the Awana fall festival yesterday.  Cute, eh?  

Have a great week!