Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rodeo Day and Halloween

Eli's school had "Rodeo Day" a couple weeks ago, and they went all out!  In the suburbian Dallas schools where my sisters and I went, "Rodeo Day" meant wearing a bandanna and coloring a picture of a cowboy.  Eli's school is in the country, so "Rodeo Day" takes on a whole new meaning!  :)  They had horses, tons of "farm games," lessons on how to throw a lasso, etc.  Eli loved it.

On a horse (duh):

The ol' "snake in the boot" game:

This sweet cowboy helped Eli actually lasso the fake cow- I was impressed!

Eli's class (from far away, and slightly blurry- sorry):

And then it was Halloween!  We carved a pumpkin:

And Eli went trick-or treating.  He wanted to just wear his soccer uniform to be a "soccer player," which is a costume totally up my non-crafty, non-costume-y personality.  :)

And that brings us pretty much up to date!  Have a great week!