Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day-to-Day, December 17

A few December pics before we launch into Christmas!

We had a crazy ice/sleet storm a couple weeks ago!  But, of course, NOTHING stops Eli and Timothy from playing outside!  They were all bundled up, chipping ice off of whatever they could find outside.  When they finally came inside they were drenched and freezing cold, but happy!  :)

I don't know why he is holding his hands like this.  :)


I love this picture of Lucy all curled up on our bed- she is doing EXACTLY what I wanted to do on the iced in days!  What a tough life she leads.  :)

Cookie baking with Eli:

Eli's class did a little Christmas play for chapel last week.  Eli was a wise man:

Here's his whole class afterwards:

And then at church last Sunday the little kids did their Christmas play.  Here are a few unruly shepherds:  :)

And here's the right half of the stage.  :)  I couldn't get a picture of the entire group (30+ kiddos!), but they were adorable.  Eli said they had a "multitude of shepherds."  :)  (He's on the far right, yellow head thing.)

And last but not least, a few cute pictures just because!  He would NOT cooperate for a picture this day!  But I love his goofy expressions.  (And I just noticed that it looks like he has a bow in his hair in this one!)

Take two:

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season thus far!!