Monday, December 2, 2013

Day-to-Day, December 2

DECEMBER?!?  Crazy!  November flew by!  Here are a few pictures from the end of the month: 

 Eli's school did a Thanksgiving program.  It was super cute!

Our little Indian:

After the program they had a lunch for all the parents and kids:

Cookie baking!  (and cookie dough eating!)

It got COLD the week of Thanksgiving!  (Cold by Texas standards, that is.)  But that didn't thwart the usual play-outside-all-day standards of Eli and Timothy.  They were bundled up and out there playing from morning till night, despite the weather.  

Cat in window.

Thanksgiving Day!  Eli and Daddy:

And Eli and Mommy:

Last Saturday we went to the Christmas Tree Farm with the Heinzes, as per tradition.  They have a great swingset!

Hayride picture with the sun in our eyes:

The perfect tree!

Hauling it away:

I have a picture of us on this porch every year since Eli was born.  I love that!

Eli and Timothy concocting a plan for building a rocket ship. 

And now on to December!