Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 2015

I can't believe March is almost over!  A few pictures from the month...

March started out with yet another snow/ice storm!  This one shut Dallas down almost completely- we Texans are totally unprepared for winter weather.  I love this picture that Eric snapped of Eli walking across the yard in the morning.

As "bundled up" as it gets around here! 

Eric and Phil and my Dad took the boys sledding.  They started out with a real sled and ended up on boogie boards.  :)

They built a little ramp so that they could "catch air" as they slid down the hill.

And of course, they built a snow man!

Look how enormous our dog is!  Our 10# puppy is now more than 50#, but he still loooooves to sit in our laps.  :)

The snow and ice melted so quickly, and the weather warmed up fast, but the snowman held fast for days!  He fell over all in one piece and stayed like this for a few days.  Seeing him laying there like that made me laugh.  

After a few weeks of rained-out practices and games, we finally got to start soccer this week!  Eli loves it, and we love watching him.

And now, on to April!