Sunday, July 20, 2008


On Friday I felt, for the first time, like life is handle-able. Eli is starting to get into a schedule, which helps, and the Lord has really been answering my prayers for freedom from guilt, expectations, etc. I felt happy and free and truly excited about this new season in life for the first time, really, since Eli was born. Of course I've been thrilled to be his mom from day one, but the stress of the NICU and then the emotional adjustment of having a newborn in the house sort of beat the joy out of me for a while. I am so thankful to the Lord for sustaining me throughout this time and always- He is so faithful.

Now that Eli is free from his oxygen tank, I can take him places, which will be so fun. It helps to not be cooped up in the house all the time. I am excited to hang out with friends and find things Eli and I can do every week to serve and help others. I really want to instill servanthood in him early on so that he grows up putting others above himself.

Today we took Eli to church for the second time. It is crazy how hard it is to get a baby out of the house and manage to look at least somewhat put-together ourselves. My admiration for parents of more than one child grows exponentially every time I take Eli out of the house. I was so proud of us for making it there clean, dressed nicely, and on time this morning! Small achievements, I know, but I'll take every little victory! Eli made it through the worship and prayer time but started fussing during the sermon. I took him out into the lobby and fed him a bottle and was about to go back in when Eli spit up the ENTIRE bottle, all over himself and me. Right as he did it Josh Winn walked by and promptly got me paper towels, saying, "I've been there many times." Bodily fluids are the bond of all parents everywhere. :)

It was so good to see everyone and catch up with those we haven't seen in a while. I am so incredibly thankful for such a wonderful church family. I am especially thankful for the support and encouragement of the other young moms at the church- I have been so blessed by the understanding they offer. I loved what Carolyn said this morning about Wayne only asking ONE time after her first baby was born, "What did you do today?" That made me smile for hours, because it's so true! Many days all that I achieve is the changing of ten diapers, the cleaning up of spit-up, the changing of tiny onesies, burping, rocking, and singing to sleep. And yet not one more thing could be squeezed into the day! I love that all moms understand that. I had NO IDEA until now. :)

It was a really good weekend, complete with a really great Saturday-morning date with Eric, and I feel ready to start another week.


The Shanks said...

I miss our church SO much!!!!! Just reading what you wrote about it makes me homesick today.

Eric and Erica Wilson said...

We miss you guys too!!!

Hi-d-Ho said...

I loved this blog! So reassuring--that our ministry is our babies! Thanks for your sweet insight ;) love it...