Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Upshot

Vaccinations, while painful to the child, do have their benefit. And I'm not talking about the fact that they prevent said child from contracting some horrible illness, though that's alright too. I'm talking about the fact that one of the side effects, at least for Eli, is that it makes the child sleep non-stop! He had a normal night and a slightly fussy morning, but since about 10am, after a particularly disgusting spit-up incident, he's been out like a light. He'll rouse every few hours to eat, but he barely even opens his eyes. He burps and goes right back to sleep. It's been heavenly. :) I feel bad saying that, because I really do enjoy interacting with him, but it has also been SO NICE to get things done around the house and be, albeit seemingly, alone! Maybe I'll have him vaccinated more often...

I took Eli on his first real walk this morning. I have been debating whether or not to do this- it's so hot outside and I don't want to overheat him. But this morning after he woke me up at 6am and refused to go back to sleep, I decided enough was enough. He loves to be outside, so I figured a walk would calm him down. We walked for almost an hour. It was so nice! Again, one of those "real mom" moments. I have always wanted to be a mom so I could push a stroller around. :) And let me just advocate the "Snap-n-Go" stroller. It's amazing.

Here's something wierd... Last night I went to bed around 11pm. Eric had been in bed since 9pm since he was up late the night before with the baby and has to be at work at 5am. So I went to bed, read for a little while, and then went to sleep at about 11:30. At 1am the baby woke up to be fed. I fed him and put him back to sleep and then went to wash my hands in the hall bathroom. To my surprise, the soap was missing. It's just a normal bottle of pump hand soap. It sits there all the time. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what had happened to it. It was about half-full the last time I saw it, so it's not like it ran out and someone threw it away. I couldn't think of a reason why Eric would move it. I was baffled but too tired to really think about it, so I washed my hands in the kitchen and went back to bed. And on my nightstand what do I find? The bottle of soap. STRANGE. So the only thing we can conclude is that I sleep-walked (slept-walked?) and got the soap and brought it back to bed with me. Strange, no? This lack of sleep parenting thing is really getting the best of me. Who knows what will be missing tomorrow. I can't be trusted around bathroom products, apparently.


Kate Wilke said...

Remember, wanting 'me' time doesn't mean your a bad mom. It means your a normal mom. I found that a lot of moms are afraid to talk candidly about the truths of being a mother. But frankly, as wonderful as it is - there are times when you are just tired of having someone hang on you or having to tend to someone - you just want peace. I put my 3 boys to bed tonight at 8pm sharp. Thankfully they had a tough day of swimming and playing. But they wanted me to lay down w/them and read them books. I felt guilty (alittle .... ok, maybe not) when I told them I'm sorry mommy's tired it's nightime for me too and now I'm on the computer. You'll get over that hump and you'll tell Eric "tag your it, I'm going out for coffee/mall (whatever is your vice)."