Thursday, October 9, 2008

5 Months!

Five months ago today, at exactly 5:19am, Eli came into our world! It is so hard to believe that 5 whole months have passed. The Lord has truly had His hands around our little guy every step of the way.

Eli, born almost two months early, was severely growth-restricted in utero, and was born weighing only a little more than 2 1/2 pounds. He was TINY- his knee was the size of the joint in my thumb. He now weighs almost 11 pounds, and, though he is still so small in comparison with other babies his age, we are so thankful for our big boy.

Here are a few things I love about my Eli:

-He rarely fusses or cries! (Unless, of course, I am sucking his nose with a nasal aspirator, but who wouldn't cry about that?)
-He loves to stand up and does it at every opportunity. And because he's so skinny, you can see the muscles in his thighs. It's so cute!
-He is really verbal and interactive. If I put him down for a minute to go into the next room, he starts talking up a storm, LOUDLY, as if he is calling me back in so that we can have a chat.
-He loves to read books. Fox in Sox is his favorite. He talks and laughs the whole time.
-He loves to be outside. Eric and I both love this about him, because we're big fans of the great outdoors ourselves.
-He's a cuddler. How I always wanted a baby who would just snuggle into my chest and fall contentedly asleep... and that's what I got!
-He's SWEET. I can't explain it, but that's just what he is. There is a sweet gentleness about him that reminds me so much of Eric and of the Lord.

I could go on and on. What can I say? I love my baby! Happy 5-month birthday, Eli! We're so proud to be your parents!