Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is a little glimpse into the Wilson household this past week...

-Eli had his first cold last week. :( We always freak out about the littlest things with him because of his lowered immunity (due to prematurity), but he weathered the storm just fine. He was really sleepy and lost much of his appetite, but after several days of me holding him non-stop (and watching Gilmore Girls to keep myself occupied), he came out of it. Yay! One cold virus down, 299 to go!

-Eli made his last trip to church for several months. Because of RSV season, we have been strongly urged by Eli's doctors to keep him inside our house and away from crowds so that he is protected from the RSV virus. Again, because of his prematurity and lung problems, he's really susceptible to RSV and to major complications because of it. So on Sunday we made our last trip to church for the fall/winter. When we re-emerge from hibernation he'll shock 'em all with his enormous size. :)

-We went to the Arboretum on Saturday. It was beautiful! They have so many pumpkins out, and every mother in the Dallas metroplex was there taking pictures of her children. It was comical- every mom was yelling some version of "STOP THAT! SIT DOWN! SMILE! YOU WILL HAVE YOUR PICTURE TAKEN AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!" and every child was climbing recklessly over the pumpkins and hay, refusing to sit or smile for the pictures. It made me laugh.

-Eric and I got to have a really fun date on Friday night. The days of going on a date every Friday night, though fondly remembered, are long gone now that we have a baby. So we treasure the couple Fridays a month that we get to go out and leave Eli with my parents. We ate dinner on the lake and got ice cream afterwards and just talked and laughed. Perfect!

-Eli had his first RSV shot. I hate seeing him get shots, but this is one that I am behind 100%. It's an immunoglobin shot that boosts Eli's ability to fight RSV if he does get it. We go every month until March to get a shot. We're paying a $15 copay for each shot, thanks to insurance, but the shots actually cost $1000 a pop! It must be some good medicine!

And that's about it. Sorry for the not-so-exciting post. Happy fall!