Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pretty Old-Fashioned

Eric and I volunteer at the Awana club at our church. If you're not familiar with Awana, it's a Bible club for kids focused on games and Scripture memory. Kelly and Heather and I did Awana when we were kids and LOVED it, and many of the verses I know now are ones that I learned in club! Anyway, it's been a blast to get to spend time with these precious kids on Tuesday nights, and I am learning more than ever that "kids say the darndest things." :) I'll give you one example. (I'm not going to put the kid's name in here because I didn't ask his parents' permission.)

Boy: Have you ever heard of backyard baseball?
Me: Yes, I have.
Boy: We have it. It's pretty old-fashioned, though.
Me: Old-fashioned? What do you mean?
Boy: Well, it was made back in 2003 or something. Maybe even 2002. It's really old.
Me: I don't think that's old at all.
Boy: Yes it is! I was born in 2001 and it is only one year older than me!
Me: Oh yeah, well guess how old I am?
Boy: Ummm.... 15!
Me: (laughing) I'm a little older than 15.
Boy: Ooo, I know- 46!
Me: 46?!? I'm not 46!
Boy: Oh, um, thirty-something?
Me: Less than that.
Boy: Twenty-something?
Me: Yeah, somewhere in the twenties.
Boy: (goes through all the numbers until he hits on 27) 27! You're 27.
Me: Yup. 27. You hurt my feelings with that 46 comment. (said jokingly, of course)
Boy: (smiles apologetically) I was just kidding. (pauses and thinks) You're 20 years older than me!

I'm so old-fasioned.