Saturday, November 8, 2008

6 Months

My dear, sweet Eli,

Tomorrow you will be 6 months old! Daddy and I can't believe that you have been part of our lives for so long- the time has flown by. There were times at the beginning of your life when we would sit for hours in the NICU looking at you, so tiny in your incubator, that we thought we would never have "normal" days. It seemed impossible that you would ever make it out of the hospital, much less be free of the wires, tubes, and medicines that sustained your life for so long.

And look at you now, son! You're as healthy as they come- active, talkative, happy, and strong. And even though you're still small, you amaze us every day with the way that you've grown and how you learn something new every day. We LOVE our tiny guy!

Do you know that your smile melts my heart? Do you know that the very best moment of my day is looking over the rail of your crib in the morning to see you squirming and squealing with delight that I'm there? Do you know that I go into your room to watch you sleep at least 5 times every night? Do you know that the feel of your little body snuggled against mine is the most peaceful, wonderful feeling in the world? Do you know that your laugh brings gladness to my heart? Do you know that I cry tears of joy almost every day as I rock you in my arms, praising the Lord for the MIRACLE that He has given to us in you?

Eli, you are everything we prayed for. Before you were born, your Daddy and I would pray every night for your heart. We cared deeply for your physical health, but more than anything we wanted the Lord to give you a heart after His own. We prayed for a gentle, sweet spirit that was evident from the very beginning, and this is exactly what the Lord gave to us in you. Even strangers who meet you comment on how sweet you are, and Daddy and I daily marvel at the beautiful personality God has given to you. We still pray for you every day and every night, begging God to call your sweet heart to Himself and to use you mightily all the days of your life.

Here are a few of your "things" at 6 months of age...
-You smile all the time! You're a very happy, content little guy that very rarely cries or fusses. (Except at feeding time- you've never been a big fan of eating!)
-You can push up on your arms and roll over from your belly to your back.
-You just developed "tickle-ish-ness." Even the simple act of changing your diaper tickles you! Your little laugh is adorable.
-You "bounce" all the time. Your jumparoo is your favorite place to be, and even when you're not in it you bounce up and down in our laps constantly!
-Separation anxiety! Though this can be somewhat disconcerting when I need to leave you with your grandparents or aunts for a little while, it makes me smile that I am the one you want at all times! I am so happy to be that person in your life.

We are so thankful for you, our little Pumpkin. We love our little family and look forward eagerly to all that the Lord has in store for us. We promise to parent you to the very best of our abilities, always relying on the Lord for wisdom and guidance as we raise you. We will strive to make our family the safest, happiest, most fun, most secure place you can be.

"I'll love you forever; I'll like you for always. As long as you're living, my baby you'll be."

Happy 6 months birthday, Eli!