Friday, November 21, 2008


Not a lot has been going on at the Wilson house, which is how I like it! :) I am such a creature of habit, and a home-body, and a big believer in routine, especially for kids... all of which makes for wonderful days spent at home or outside with my sweet little Eli! I love motherhood, being the one to take care of this precious little guy. When we got pregnant I thought I wasn't ready to give up my career, my independence, my life without kids, but God knew that I was ready! There isn't anything I would rather be doing now than being Eli's mom.

Anyway, not a lot has been going on here besides sickness! :) I came down with a really bad cold on Tuesday, and I had to work on Wednesday whilst feeling miserable. I could barely walk out of there after hours standing in the lab finishing the project I've been working on. But I came home to my sweet husband, who had taken the day off of work to take care of Eli while I worked, who rented and watched without complaining "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2" just because I was sick and wanted to watch a girlie movie, who gave me the world's greatest massage... What a guy!

I'm feeling so much better today, thankfully, but now Eli is sick! :( We went to his 6-month well-child check-up yesterday, where he was proclaimed perfectly healthy, and he got his vaccines. But then last night he woke up every single hour crying and would only calm down if we held him and rocked him for a long time. It was a rough night! I was assuming that he was just feeling poorly because of the shots, but then this morning he had a temperature of 101.2 degrees and these little "sores" on his tongue. I freaked out and called the pediatrician, who said simply, "Oh, he has the mouth ulcer virus." Duh. :) Apparently there is a virus going around that kids and babies are prone to get that results in fever and mouth sores. Check, check. It will just run it's course in a couple of days and he'll be as good as new soon. Until then- tylenol, fluids, and plenty of cuddling. Can do.

The weather is COOOOOOLD! I always long for cold weather by the time that it reaches November and is still 80 degrees, but then once that first good cold front hits I start complaining. :) I miss the warmth! :) But I am super-glad that it is cold now, because it definitely feels like the holidays! And I couldn't be happier about that! We have our turkey, which we'll cook the day after Thanksgiving so that, even though we'll be with family on Thanksgiving, we'll still have leftovers afterwards for lots of turkey sandwiches. :) We have all our decorations ready to go, to be put up on Friday. We're cutting down our tree at the tree farm on Saturday. And the Christmas music made its debut last night, despite my resolution to not listen to it until Thanksgiving. I'm so bad. :)

Here's to a good weekend for all of us! Enjoy!


The Shanks said...

I have resolutions of no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, too. However, I have given in this year (to Joel) and chalked it up to the later Thanksgiving this year. However, I vow not to do it again :)