Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Time Has Come...

...to lower the crib mattress to the next level. Who'd-a'thunk it? My little Eli is now capable of hurling himself out of his crib. Presumably, that is. I don't want to actually test my theory. :)

Just this week Eli has mastered the art of escaping his sleep pillow. We have slept him in this boppy-style pillow since he was a tiny baby. It helped a lot with his reflux and was a just a good sleep positioner. He got pretty attached to it, too. It's a really secure contraption- a boppy with a cloth strap that goes between his legs and velcroes to the sides. I thought he'd be sleeping in it until he was ten, judging by how much he loves it.

Or loved it, shall I say? :) Like I said, he has mastered art of escape. Even when securely fastened in, he manages to wiggle his way out of the pillow so he can crawl around in his crib. Or if he can't get out of it all the way he just drags it with him. He loves this new-found freedom. Who needs sleep when you can crawl around in your crib, play with your stuffed animals, and, best yet, pull up on the sides of the crib in attempt to lean all the way out?

Needless to say, I think we're ditching the pillow this week, even if it means listening to him talk and play for a long while before he finally wears himself out and goes to sleep. And I think we'll be lowering the crib mattress, too. He's a pretty short little guy, but he is surprisingly strong and wondrously adept at getting exactly what he wants, i.e., out of the crib on his own. However, since I am betting he doesn't want a concussion, Mommy and Daddy might have to intervene a little to keep him in. :)