Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Know I Love You If...

...I agree to sing a solo in front of people for you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a solo kind of girl. I love to sing, and I love music. I was in choir in high school and at A&M. I sing around the house, in the car, to Eli, etc. I can play the piano a bit, and I love to play and sing when no one is listening. I can even be talked into a duet once in a while. But rare is the occasion when I will sing a solo.

I get so nervous at the very thought of it. I hate being the center of attention, especially when I'm doing something that I know many, many other people can do better at (like singing, for example). My sisters are both solo kinds of girls. I love to listen to them sing, but I gladly remain the sister that no one knows can carry a tune.

Unless I think you are one heck of a friend. Then, for you, and for you only, will I step WAAAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and sing in public, just because you asked. The last time I sang a solo it was for my friend Sarah's wedding. The song was gorgeous, a new arrangement of "Rock of Ages," and the wedding was at Park Cities Presbyterian, a beautiful church with amazingly high ceilings and really echo-y accoustics. The piano player that was accompanying me couldn't have been better. But none of this mattered. I was a bundle of nerves for the entire week leading up to the wedding. I couldn't sleep at night, and finally my mom handed me this pill that was supposed to "relax" me so that I could sing without being nervous. I took it about an hour before the wedding, and it did the trick: I sang the song without passing out. Making it through the reception, however, was another story. I was so relaxed that I could barely keep from laying my head down in my plate of chicken. Eric almost had to carry me to the car.

This Saturday, against the wishes of my nerves, I will sing again, and only because I dearly love my friend Sarah (different Sarah that the wedding Sarah). The women's ministry at church is having their monthly breakfast thing, and the focus is missions. Sarah asked me to sing a Caedmon's Call song called "Jesus is All I Need" while she plays guitar. Too bad I like Sarah so much, because I am incredibly nervous already! Eeek!

It's a good thing that a lot of these ladies have known me since I was a year old, and all of them are believers, which means that they can't judge me too harshly, and they will still love me after my song, even if I turn bright red, pass out, and fall off of my chair.

I wonder if my mom has any more of those "relax" pills lying around...


Sarah said...

Had I known what a big deal it was for you, I wouldn't have asked... I feel so bad that you were so nervous! I just had SO many great memories singing with you, that it seemed only fitting for your voice to be the one I heard on my wedding day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It will forever be a great memory!