Friday, March 27, 2009

Casserole, Anyone?

Today was food-making day. I had the day unexpectedly free- I usually keep Heather's kids on Fridays, but today I got a little break. So Eli and I headed out to NewFlower Farmer's Market for the second time this week and bought a ton of fresh produce. (If you live in the Dallas or Plano area and haven't checked out NewFlower, GO! Their prices on natural and organic foods are amazing.)

While Eli napped and it rained cats and dogs outside (perfect nap weather!), I cooked up all kinds of baby foods, along with a huge batch of tabouli for Eric and me. I got the basics taken care of first- broccoli, carrots, potatoes, apples, pears. I saved the worst for last... Meat. Something about blended meat just doesn't sit well with me. :) But as per our awesome therapist's reccomendation, blend meat I did.

I made a broccoli/rice/chicken casserole and then threw it in the blender with some water and flax oil. It came out to be this greenish pasty stuff that smells great but looks like that stuff we used to play with as kids called "Gak."

Eli ate some tonight, though, so it must not be too bad. I'll look forward to feeding him things that aren't blended or mashed. Chicken is so much more appetizing when it's in solid form.