Thursday, April 2, 2009

Life as We Know It...

…has changed.

Socket covers purchased, breakable objects moved out of reach, floors free of any and all debris that might be picked up and promptly eaten...

Can you guess what happened in our house this week?

That's right, Eli is mobile!

He's been trying so hard for weeks now to master the art of crawling, and he is just now getting the hang of it. It's so cute to watch him try- he does "push-ups," rocks on his hands and knees, and even does the "downward dog" as he tries to get going. He can't go very far or very fast yet, but I have a feeling that it will be any minute now. Yesterday he figured out how to get from his tummy to sitting up, which of course is immediately followed by pulling up on whatever object is nearest, however unstable it may be. I am convinced that he will simply use crawling and sitting as tools to get quickly to walking, because walking is ALL he wants to do. Look out Wilson house… Eli is on the move.

I am so proud of my boy! He's come so far from the baby who, when placed on his tummy, would scream like we were laying him down on hot coals. :) I love watching Eli grow and learn- he is so much fun, always active, and the sweetest, softest little thing to cuddle. Being his mom is the greatest thing in the world. (Even if I have to sacrifice a few of my breakable decorations to his mobility.)


Amber said...

woohoo! go eli go!
we just purchased outlet covers this week -- trying to stay ahead of the game. i'm hoping for a couple more months of a stay-put baby, though.